6 Ways to sell your house without a realtor

Selling a house is more than just listing it on good property website. The amount of work it takes to find the right buyer and right price, can be pretty daunting. Along with the herculean tasks, there is money issue too. Right from hiring a realtor to implementing ways to making your house look good and finding the right buyer, the amount of cash outflow is pretty high.

But you don’t need to bear it all. Yes! You can save a large chunk of money and still find the perfect match for your house. The major item that you can save on is Realtor’s Commission.

Before we start, let’s find out how much commission an agent earns on one deal worldwide. The commission charge is explained below:
    Image Source: realtor.com
Did you see how much you pay as an extra amount?

While this image shows a worldwide picture, in India the average commission rate is just 1%. Although in developed cities like Pune, it can go up to 2% too.
In either case, the final amount that goes as commission can still be pretty high.

If you too own a Property in Pune or similar cities that demand high commission because of its face value, it’s time to choose a different route.

Today we will discuss how you can make a good property deal without any help.
First be emotionally prepared to save the hefty agent’s fees by selling the house yourself, then roll up your sleeves.

Remember it’s not going to be easy, you will need dedication. But before you list your house in the Property for sale in Pune section of some popular realty website; know the right way of selling your house without any help.

The correct ways to do this are:

1.            Do research

Familiarize yourself with all the terminologies of the Real Estate market. Read the contracts and paperwork, and find out from where you can get them made. Get in contact with lawyers, appraiser if you need one, and other important people. It’s very important that you know all this before starting with the sales process.

2.            Work on your house

After knowing the nitty-gritties of the real estate buying and selling market, the next thing is to work on your house. Fix all the damages, replace defective thing, touch up paint, etc. At this stage, you only need to focus on making your house look proper.

3.            Price the house

Thirdly, price your house correctly. Don’t get too emotional and put a high price. At the same time don’t undervalue your house. The best ways to know the price that will attract maximum potential buyers are: Check the price trendin Pune according to your locality, ask other sellers in the same locality.

4.            Make buyers know that your house is on sale

List your property on major real estate website’s sale section. Other ways can be to: Advertise on local newspapers, use social media or forums, etc. Use all the possible methods to create awareness and attract the right target. Here, make sure you opt for a price friendly and efficient method.

5.            Negotiate

Be ready to get flooded with offers. Have a fixed base line in your head, based on the price trends. This will help you from getting into a bad deal. You can bring in some attorney if you are not comfortable with negotiations.

6.            The deal

The last thing left is closing the deal. Make sure you have all the paperwork ready. Be prepared for delays in payment; but assign a fixed amount of money that need to be paid over and above the main amount, after allotted fixed days of delay.
Following all the above mentioned steps will ensure that you get the right buyer on time. In the end, all your hard work and dedication comes down to one thing –your house finds a good match, in time.

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Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment in India

Real estate can be a very wise investment. If you have a keen sense of proper investment practices, profits just may abound. There are many ways you can make profit from property investments. With constant practice and careful observation of the market and other investors, you can grow in experience and know-how. In applying all this learning, you can be very successful in real estate investment. Certain tips may be helpful.

Knowledge of the Market
Property investment can be costly, so it’s important to make sure you’re investing in the right place. Scout for areas that promise high results in a short amount of time. Familiarize yourself with the market, and pay attention to forecasts and investment predictions in different places. Observe trends and estimate the possibilities for change. Know the risks and the advantages. Make an intelligent decision from the information gathered, then, proceed with the purchase. Explore various places for possible investment. Companies like Unitech Group Property in India offer good packages for real estate investment.

From a survey report, Business Insider reveals that Bangalore is the most preferred city for investment. Other places mentioned were Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, and Chennai. Results also show that Dehli was the least preferred market. Opportunity for profits from investing in Bangalore may indeed be good. Many Non Resident Indians have been considering coming back and settling in India because much of the country is experiencing a boom in the IT Sector. As for Ahmedabad, the demand for both residential and commercial sites in the area is equal and stable, making it a safer place to invest in. Never count Dehli out though, the investor who likes risks may be more interested in investing there. Since demand is not high, there are more possibilities for finding lower priced properties for purchase.

Knowledge of Real Estate Restrictions and Provisions
It is important to stay informed about particular regulations, restrictions, and other provisions pertaining to real estate matters. Never simply take a developer’s word for it. Always verify all information given to you during a sales pitch. Before any purchase, make sure that the lot or establishment you are purchasing, and the developer or direct seller you are purchasing from, is not in violation of city laws. If certain expenses need to be shelled out to facilitate compliance with government regulations, factor that into your investment.

One important bill investors must be knowledgeable about is the Real Estate Regulatory and Development Bill (RERD Bill). Conceptualized way back in 2008, the bill was finally cleared in 2013. The Times of India sees the bill as consumer friendly in that it brings transparency to projects being offered to consumers. The bill is balanced, holding both the buyer and seller accountable for any promises made, be they payment schedules or particular requests in the construction of the property. Indeed, a great many would-be property investors have lost money and heart to deceptive sales talk. Developers would make flattering and attractive promises that a buyer can only hold on to and trust. The bill protects would-be buyers from any type of dishonest schemes.

Knowledge and Management of Tax Requirements and other aspects of Finance
Tax payments are a major expense in every business, including that of real estate investors. Make sure you are well-informed about tax laws, and that all your information is current. Some opt to use the services of a licensed accountant or bookkeeper for various needs. Most of the time, this is the wisest move since those who are much more experienced with tax laws are able to give you ideas for tax breaks, exemptions, and reductions you might not know about.

According to Business Today, higher tax rates are charged on properties sold within three years of their purchase. Capital Gains tax is based on sale price minus the cost of acquisition (which includes improvement and transfer costs). On the other hand, sales of long-term assets may be claimed for capital gains tax exemption, that is, under Section 54EC of the Income-Tax Act. This may be done so long as you invest in bonds within 6 months of transfer. However, any Capital Gains Tax due, if applicable, will still cost less. Properties sold after three years of purchase are considered long-term gain. Though calculation is the same as that of short-term assets, acquisition costs (including improvement costs) are adjusted for inflation. This adjustment is termed as indexation. Sales of properties that are inherited or received as gifts also have their own capital gains rate. The cost of acquisition to previous owners is the base of computation, with adjustment for inflation.

Knowing what tax breaks you can apply for is a big money saver. Besides investing in bonds within six months of a property sale, one way to lower tax liability is to buy a house after you’ve sold your property. Purchase a new house within two years of the sale and you will qualify. Buying property that is under construction also entitles you to tax deductions.
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Investment in Indian property ensures profit

Indian land is celebrated as the center of attraction for both the domestic and foreign investees. Real estate companies have facilitated India with a business friendly atmosphere in order to assure the sheer benefits to the investees. India is renowned for its excellent democratic government and the institutions equipped with strict legal and accounting system. This country is enjoying a proper legal system that can protect the property rights. Therefore investees dare to invest in this country without any hesitation.

There are innumerable Real estate companies in India who flag their prominence even in the global market. Even in the metro cities a large number of brokers, brokers, property consultants and finance companies are offering a right environment to the investees. Real Estate business is stretching its arms not only in metro cities but also in smaller town. Therefore the inhabitants of smaller towns also can enjoy the top class facilities along with the skyscrapers, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, clubs and many more things. These sky kissing buildings and technology are undoubtedly elevating the beauty of India.

Investing in metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore is already proved to be fruitful. If you are looking for a piece of land for setting your own office or a new house Jaipur, Coimbatore and Ahmadabad can satisfy you. You can buy an outstanding villa in Mahabaleswar or Kodaiknnal in order to gain profit. Kochi and Goa are celebrated as the tourists’ hot favorite spots and therefore equipped with a large number of hotels, resorts and guesthouses. Therefore investing in the land of such tourist spot can lead to experience a large amount of profit for sure. India is place of variation. You can find hills, seas, jungles, farmlands and many more things in one India. This is one of the reasons of flourishing the real estate business in India. A large country with full of its diversity is attracting more and more people.

The real estate companies changed the business scenario of India within last few years. The 30% returns of the growth rate flags the success of this business. As India is coming up with innumerable newer job offers people from different countries are coming here to grab the job opportunities. Therefore they are looking for getting settled down here. The real estate companies are offering a lavish and luxurious life to them in the sky kissing towers and that too in an affordable price. They ensure them comfort, physical and financial security, peace, style, uniqueness and luxury under the same roof.

The rising of the middle class is also inspiring the growth of real estate business. It is not necessary to buy a house to get settled in India. It is easy to rent a house in India. The brokers will charge a certain percentage as broker charge. Therefore people of different places do not hesitate to get settled anywhere of India. India is offering a homelike atmosphere to the foreigners in order to give them a comfort zone to get settled.
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Real Estate Companies changed the backdrop of Noida

They studied a lot and mapped. And, finally they succeed to introduce altogether a new piece of world in the land of India. They are the real estate builders of India who are ruling over the land of Noida. With a huge investment made by leading builders Noida the most happening place of India with their magic baton. Supertech, Gaur and Sons, Mahagun India and World Trade Center are the companies that took the top places in the list of such real estate companies. They are the people who have changed the backdrop of India. They have utilized the diversity of India perfectly and made India one of the best countries to experience something greater than life. India is blessed with magical lands.

Over the years people of India treated their lands as their matter of pride, matter of honor. The real estate companies made them understand that even a small piece of land can be lucrative to earn profit. Their uphill struggle won the trust of the investees. Therefore the domestic and the foreign investees as well as the foreign banks are showing their interest to invest in the land of India. They are assuring each investee at least 75% profit.

Supertech tastes the fruit of sheer success as one the leading real estate companies with their projects like ORB, Fable Castle and North Eye and so on and so forth. They took almost twenty years to win the trust of the Noida people as well as the investors. Uniqueness is the USP of the projects of Supetech. Sometimes they have used Disney themes and sometimes they have experimented with the shapes of houses in order to offer extra ordinary nests to the inhabitants.

Gaursons have started their venture at Gaziabad. They are celebrating their status as one the most famous real estate companies of India by introducing two cities, Gaur Yamuna City and Gaur City 2 back to back in the plot of Noida. They have facilitated their sky kissing apartments with schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, swimming pools within the premises.

Mahagun India is another real estate company that offers the 2BHK and 3BHK flats in an inexpensive price. They have facilitated their project called Mahagun Mantra with the centralized air conditioning system, CCTV supervisions, power supplying system and power back up system for twenty four hours.

After conquering 330 cities of 100 countries World Trade Center is here to introduce a business atmosphere in Noida. It is offering office set ups along with top class facilities to the younger talents of India. They are allowing the new business people to use their devices in absolutely free of cost.

India, more precisely Noida is coming up with innumerable job opportunities. Therefore people from different cities even from different countries are getting settled here. The real estate companies have facilitated Noida with a homely atmosphere in order to provide a comfort zone to the migrated people. Noida is now enjoying the status of the hub of the best commercial and residential plots. The real estate companies are offering the 2BHK, 3BHk and 4BHK flats with extra ordinary facilities in a reasonable price. Therefore people can afford their dream houses and office places easily.

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Indian Real Estate Market will boom under Modi-led government

Globally, Indian real estate Market is a favorable destination for investors, developers and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) driven by the government policies and increasing globalization.  The urban population is likely to surge in the coming years, which will include the growth in employment, education and health care, hence, it will push the demands for the residential and commercial space.

In the past the Indian real estate Market saw a rapid growth with the residential, commercial and the industrial segment which has shown growth in big as well as small cities and towns for providing the availability of bank loans, higher earnings and bringing in improved standard of living. This has given an upward trend to the real estate scenario. And has provided opportunity; too many developers to try their hand in the field of infrastructure. Real Estate sector has proved itself as an opportune for unemployed people and perfect field to show one’s ability.

This is the second largest employment generation sector after agriculture and it contributes to 6.3 percent to India’s gross domestic product (GDP) where the foreign direct investment (FDI) is currently at US $4 billion and is expected to touch around US$25 million in the next 10 years.

Steady housing demand will be a big constant thing during this year and the market will focus on meeting this demand.  Though, the real estate sector is burdened with high costs, which might help in the reduction of the home prices in most of the micro markets. The government cost and premiums have increased substantially along with the construction cost also going up by 40%. Loan facilities from banks has also helped the real estate companies to the increased cost of borrowing adding to the overall cost wherein, leading to the increase in price in the improved market conditions. All these alteration in the infrastructure world has given tremendous growth and facilities.

It is expected after the recent change in government (after it comes in effect) that the housing industry will revive at a faster pace. The demands from tier-II and tier- III cities have been identified by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) as a step towards better real estate solutions.  Along with this, the recent move to introduce Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) is a progressive step, which acts as a great instrument to tap cash flow into the Indian economy beneficial for the small investors towards getting access to income generating real estate assets.

A better financing and investment options are expected to come in the Indian Market, which will help the developers and investors showing more depth in the real estate scenario. 
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Factors Influencing the Growth of Residential Property in Noida

The significant investment in IT and ITES industry in the extensive region of Noida has encouraged the momentous growth of population in the city. Along with the development of the commercial property, the residential property in Noida has also received a growth surge in recent times. Moreover, the extension of the Yamuna Express way has resulted in the development of affordable but highly facilitated residential properties in the city.

With endless opportunities coming up almost every day, quite a good number of business and construction groups, such as Jaypee, Amrapali, Ajnara, Mahagun, Assotech, Stellar, Paras, Logix, Supertech and others are making significant investment in the real estate market of the city. Over the past few years, many of these construction groups have launched their world-class projects at the posh residential locales in Noida.

There are several factors, which have been contributing to the massive upsurge of the residential property in Noida. Mention should be made of the growing shopping facilities across the city. Quite a good number of malls, such as Center Stage Mall, Sab Mall, Great India Place, Spice mall and Shopprix Mall are becoming the centre of attraction in every possible ways. Housing a slew of reputed clothing lines, jewelry brands, multi-screen cinema halls, these shopping malls definitely add a grace and unbeatable charm to the erstwhile city of Noida. Moreover, the food chain of international repute across the malls in the city has made them the talk of the town. Many of the residential property of the city are located close to the luxury inns and hotels, such as the Park Plaza and Nirula's hotels.

Needless to say, with the growth of the residential property in Noida, a lot of associated developments are also grabbing the right pace. Major developments are introduced in the learning and education scenario with a large number of famous schools coming to the scene. Mention should be made of the Delhi Public School, Ryan International School, Amity International School, Apeejay School, Army Public School, Central School, And others.

Apart from these, there are other factors as well, which has contributed to the growth and developments of the residential property in Noida. As mentioned earlier, the city has been acquiring significant investment in the IT and ITES sector, which in turn has created endless employment opportunities in various sectors. Currently, the extensive region of Noida has come under an industrial belt, where various small and medium scale industries are creating lucrative employment opportunities.

Over the past few years, Noida has witnessed tangible developments in the commercial and the industrial sectors. This has stimulated the expansion of the residential property in Noida all the more. According to the experts, Noida, in recent times is a significantly developing destination for real estate investment. Not only does it offer unbeatable infrastructure, but also endless opportunities to experience a career growth in the comings years.
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How to Increase Your Home's Value Without a Fuss

If you've ever thought about selling your home or the value of your property, you've probably also thought about ways that you could increase the valuation of your house and the land it sits on. While this can get pretty expensive quickly, there are ways that you can make a difference - sometimes a big one - without spending a ton of money. Keep reading for some simple and cost effective ways to increase the price of your home.

Adding to Your Home's Value

Here are some simple and cost effective ways to increase the value of your home.

1)      Landscaping - While you might think this is expensive, you don't really need to spend a lot of money if you know what you're doing. Sometimes just painting a fence and adding a small bush or two can really make a difference. This isn't going to increase the value of your home a lot, but the better curb appeal will make it more appealing to potential buyers.

2)      Make all Repairs - Whether it's something small - a squeaky hinge - or something more serious - a leaky roof - taking the time to make a list of everything that needs fixed and getting it done can go a long way in helping improve the value of your home. People buying a home don't want to worry about anything when they move in. Well, not most of them - the ones that will pay the most money for your home.

3)      Make Modifications - If you can convert a bare basement into a finished family room or rec room, this can be considered adding more living space to the home. This can have a dramatic effect on the value of your home. This is going to cost money, of course, but if you plan it well the value increase is going to be more than what you spend.

4)      Energy Efficiency - If there's a way you can make your house more green friendly or have a smaller carbon footprint, the value is going to increase considerably. This can be something like changing to a new furnace that's energy efficient or going with a tankless water heater. These relatively small changes can increase your home's value when you put it on the market.

One place to get a better idea about rental marketing is to search on Therealestate.in. You will find a lot of great information on how to achieve a good house for rent. Even if you've not made up your mind, knowing the true value of your home is a nice piece of information to have handy if you ever do decide to sell.

In the meantime, any work that you do to the interior or exterior of the house has the chance to increase the long term value considerably. This is why so many people take an interest in making their home look better - at least initially. After you begin improving your living space, it can be difficult to slow down or stop once you get going. 
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Real Estate Consultant Plays Pivotal Role in buying and selling of Property

Real estate marketing is one of the rapidly growing sectors in India, this brings buyers and sellers close. Real estate marketing is one of the most essential entities which help in real estate development and popularity. It is very essential for any real estate developing companies and property buyers to interact with real estate consultant. Real estate consultant is the best medium of communication between property buyers and property sellers. Real estate consultants are very essential for real estate developing company and real estate property buyers in many ways.

Consultants are most necessary for Property Buyers because they need to know about the project, development and legal authorities. Consultants make them aware of the all the legal and illegal activities of the project and property. Real estate consultants interact with the buyers and come to know about the want and choice and then they search in the market for relevant projects which will fulfill your every need and choice for your property. They help the buyers in choosing the right property for them which is affordable in your budget and which will never let you feel that you had done wrong to choose the property. Real estate consultants are same as the adviser which advice the buyers to choose the property and buying the property from sellers.

There are some responsibilities which real estate consultants should care for. The first and main responsibility of any real estate consultant is to interact with the buyers and know about their budget, need and want. And then they should show them best property in market which meets with their requirements and budget. The buyer cannot visit always to see property and that time real estate consultant is only medium who always keep the buyer informed about the development of project and the property. Real consultants help the buyer to know about the real market in the city.

Along with the buyers real estate consultants play pivotal role if you want to invest in real estate projects and property. Real estate consultants tell about the current scenario of the project and tell about the future of the location. Consultants always advise the investors to invest in right project and property which will give them healthy return of your investment. Investors always want to invest in such project which location is going to get huge development in future. Only huge development of location helps in gaining healthy return of investment. Real estate consultants are the only medium which keeps investors aware of all the future planning of location.
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Top Places in Bangalore To Consider for Affordable Rental Property

The noteworthy presence of IT industry has set off a healthy housing request in the city of Bangalore. This has led to the shifting of migrants on a higher rate and thus need for affordable rental property has also surged by huge numbers. Bachelors, single working women and nuclear families are considering rental houses as close to their work settings as possible.

There are some of the most highlighted cities in Bangalore that are mostly flocked and preferred by people to get their best rented flats or apartments. People who have relocated to Bangalore and working or studying in or near any of these localities

Here is a list of places that have a good number of positive features associated with them from a tenant’s viewpoint:

1. Whitefield
Whitefield is one of the most preferred cities for grabbing a flat on rent in Bangalore.  If an individual is working or studying in this very region then he can surely have a good number of options in hand. There are localities like Hoodi, Kadugodi, Mahadevpura, ITPL or AECS Layout that can easily match with the demands of people who are looking out for rental properties in Bangalore.

Notwithstanding, an individual needs to take care of the water supply and open transport here as these are necessities of daily life. The metro line is open here but major localities are quiet far away from the station. Thus, automobile and other open transports are actually of greater importance if the person is op[ting for any of the mentioned localities in Whitefield.

2. Koramangala
If the individual has preferred to stay in the Koramangala Layout, then localities like HSR Layout, Ejipura, JP Nagar and Jayanagar can be the apt options for grabbing the best of rental deals. The best about the localities here in Koramangala is the proximity to the public transport and metro stations as well. Here is an illustration of the rent that one will have to pay while a stay in the locality:

3.MG Road
MG Road is one of the major retail and commercial hubs of Bangalore and actually MG Road does not offer many residential options for the people who have interest in rental properties. The major residential hubs in this very location are Indira Nagar, Richmond Town, Benson Town and Cox Town. If the person has a good bank balance then MG Road can offer some of the best rental deals. Benson Town and Cox Townare some of the most prime locations of the city that offers luxurious independent houses and villas at premium prices.

4. Banaswadi
Banaswadi is a commercial hub that is well-connected by public transport, especially metro, and thus commands good rental values. The region in Bangalore is located around high-end locations such as Frazer Town and Cox Town. As a tenant, a person can get good options in terms of independent houses and villas for renting. However, if the budget is not suitable for lavish options then the individual can easily opt for Kalyan Nagar and Ramamurthy Nagar as preferred regions for getting flats for rent in Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the major metropolises in India and the constituting localities are apt for getting apartments on rent. The builders know that migration rate remains high here owing to business hubs here thus; tenants can have a good time finding homes here. 
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Current Scenario of the Indian Real Estate

The Indian real estate market has seen a sharp upturn in the recent years. Even when the world economy was reeling from the aftershock of the huge recession that hit hard even some of the largest & leading economy, the Indian real estate market remained immune to the downturn that was seen in almost every other sector. The real estate sector witnessed and is still getting investment from a large number of investors of both India and abroad. It has been a golden harvest even in this turbulent financial market. For most investors, real estate has been a refuge from the burn most bear due to the downturn in almost every other sector.

The question arises what kept the real estate such a prosperous option even during a time when every other investment option seemed such a huge risk. Studies have revealed the transparency in the way the real estate sector works and the strong legal rules guiding almost every aspect governing investments in this sector has made it a great option for the investors. With India becoming one of the major targets for the Foreign Direct Investors, the need for new property is on the rise. People need more residential complexes, places to build shopping malls, offices, industries, and even agricultural lands. And they need these in proper locations which will benefit the business. Thus the demand for real estate properties at some of the key locations within the country skyrocketed within a few years.

India today is a fast growing economy and almost 50% of the population comprises of the young, dynamic generation. As they establish themselves in the society, their requirements also increase. From tourism department to hospitality, all are grabbing the opportunity. The high income younger generation today is their primary target. Thus, demand for real estate is also on the rise. Space is required for hotels, restaurants, leisure activity zones, etc.

While the rise can be seen in all the parts of India, but the major towns and metro cities are most in demand. And it can be safely assumed that an investment at property in India is one of the safest options which can yield a high return for certain. With the continuing rise of the price of properties available in India it is one of the smartest choices when the question of investment decision arises.

One might be apprehensive given the recent news of major frauds happening in the financial sector, but one can always rely upon some of the oldest available options when it comes to buy real estates. There are many websites as well as companies which deal in the sector and one can always rely upon these to grab a great deal. These property sites will also provide excellent guidance to the first time investors. With such lucrative options available and such high returns guaranteed, the Indian real estate sector is one of the primary investment options one should look out for.
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DDA has announced to Refund Registration Amount in 1 Month

There is good news for unsuccessful applicants who are unable to get flats in DDA draw live 2014. DDA had decided to refund registration amount to the applicants. Applicants had spent 1 lakh amount in the registration. According to the earlier role of DDA administration, registration amount was refunded in three months but this time period or refunded has been dearest to one month.    
At the time of launching of housing scheme Delhi Development Authority had mentioned in the brochure that if the applicants are unsuccessful in the draw, they will be refunded registration amount within three months after final announcement of the scheme. But according to the DDA vice chairman “earlier the decision of refunding registration amount to the applicants was made for three months. We thought that why amount of the applicants should be unnecessarily kept and make them face lose of interest. That’s why DDA has announced to refund the amount in one month”.

The period of one month will e counted from the closure date of DDA Housing Scheme 2014. The registration amount for each type of flat was 1 lakh but for the economical week people this was only 10,000.

In the brochure the authority has clearly mentioned that DDA will not pay any type of interest for 90 days after the closure of scheme on the registration amount. New decision of the authority will reduce the burden of the people who have taken loan from the banks for registration fee. DDA keep the registration amount as fixed deposit and use the interested generated through money for housing and other infrastructural projects.

If the authority is unable the pay the amount in 90 days, applicants will get interest of 8% per annum after the completion of 90 days. The housing scheme was closed on 15th October.

The decision of DDA administration for refunding registration amount in one month will bring great peace of mind to the people who have taken loan from the bank. They will have to worry less and they will easily save their interest amount.
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India Is Best For Investment in Property

India has now become a keen competitor in real estate market of the world. Whatever you will be looking for in real estate is now available in India. Many of the companies which origin in India have now took themselves as prestigious name in world’s real estate market. Real estate market is changing in terms of various types of demand of the people and Indian real estate companies are more reliable for their customers to fulfill their demands as residential apartments, commercial complexes, seaside apartments and bungalows etc.

There are many small and big real estate developing companies in India. Some of the companies of India have also shown their presence in world market and shown their strength. Many of the property consultants, home financer, brokers, architects and agents are working in metro and small cities. With the increasing of population in India the demand of own residence and commercial spaces have also increased. Every wants to get his own residence and in this part of life real estate India has played a pivotal role in delivering Property in India.

In this competition of delivering Property in India many of real estate developing Indian and abroad companies are continuously developing their residential and commercial projects. Not only the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai but also small cities are being developed for providing better residential and commercial spaces.

The capital of India, Delhi and its nearby cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida are having great development of real estate. These days property in Noida is one of the most profitable areas for realty developers and investors. People are moving towards Delhi and because employment and better education so the demand of residence s increasing. People always want to be on pollution free and noise free place. So Noida, Noida Extension, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad etc, nearby cities to Delhi are better option for the people. In these above mentioned cities real estate development is going on in fast pace and being fruitful for buyers and investors.
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Sonipat among the 3 Haryana cities for property investment for investors

Sonipat has been recently emerged as a property destination in Haryana after Gurgaon in the suburban areas of the capital city, Delhi. The city has been developed at a very fast pace in the recent years and now it is becoming one of the most attractive cities for the investors. The industry observers have also named it to be the next Gurgaon in the making.

The rate for property in Sonipat seems to be at the cheapest level in Sonipat when compared from the capital city as well as the NCRs. This is the major reason for people buying property in Sonipat rather than going for much expensive options in any of the NCRs especially when they have their work in Delhi and for those who have frequent travel to Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh. Since, the connectivity to the mentioned cities from Sonipat is quite convenient and now with the emerging railway over-bridge coming up in Kundli-Sonipat belt, the travel time from Delhi to Sonipat will be just 20 to 30 mins., which is lesser than travel time between south Delhi to north Delhi. All these amenities have led people to acquire accommodation for living or invest their extra income for near future.

Talking about, the rates of Property in Sonipat for those who are looking for a flat on rent, a 2BHK flat of around 1200 sq.ft. Will be for Rs. 7000 per month. This will surely be costing more than 3 folds in Delhi every month. A 2000 sq. ft. flat of 4 BHK offered by Tulip Grand is costing for around Rs. 59 lakhs in Sonipat which in Delhi or Gurgaon will surely be of more than Rs. 2 cr. Investment in Sonipat is surely going to give a good return in the later future.

These are primarily the most important reasons for the investors getting attracted to Sonepat and Kundli belt for their investments in property. Even today, there is a huge scope in Sonipat for development and it will surely be growing further with Mr. Hooda, the Chief Minister of Haryana taking some bold steps and decisions to transform Sonipat into an education hub in northern part of India.

Currently, after the development of NCRs like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad, the major real estate organizations like Ansal API, Omaxe, TDI City, Jindal Green etc. have developed the belt of Kundli-Sonipat-Panipat to grow these cities as the major options for investments in property industry for the major investors as well as general public. This has led to stupendous growth in the area and is attracting both national and international investors.
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Sonipat to be another city to boom in infrastructure

Sonipat is a non-NCR city in Haryana still closest to the capital city of the country. After the development of Delhi and whole of NCR, real estate organizations are looking forward to develop the non-NCR cities that are around Delhi. Sonipat being the top-most priority for most real estate companies because some large real estate companies are being operated from this city as well.

Some companies like Omaxe city, TDI city, Ansal API etc have already initiated their projects in and around Sonipat looking to transform the small town completely to a highly developed one in the belt of Chandigarh to Delhi. Real estate Sonipat has emerged in past few years and along with the 1st National Highway of India named NH1 their projects are developing the interiors of the city as well.

Ansal API has also initiated few shopping complexes in the city. This gives a wide range of options for the tourists and also the travelers of that belt. Few big real estate companies like TDI, Tulip, Omaxe etc have originated in Sonepat itself. Not only this, there are few more companies like DLF, Jindal Greens, Landmark Group, Mapsko Builders, Eros Group, Parsvnath and Eldeco are looking forward to the development of Sonipat city in Haryana, this being one of the major factors of a regular rise in the real estate Sonipat. In 2013, the rates were hiked by 30-50% as compared to 2012 and in the current year, the same has been hiked by 10-30% in the circle rates.

Currently, when realty prices have touched the sky in Delhi and NCR, people are looking to buy it in Sonipat keeping mind the pace and quality of development it has faced in the recent years. Affordable property prices, proximity to the metro city, enhanced infrastructure and the availability of spacious residential and commercial spaces are the key factors driving the growth of these towns and suburbs. As a matter of fact, some of the industry observers have named Sonipat to be the next Gurgaon with the pace of its infrastructure development over the past few years.

Their belief has been further reinforced with the state government recently announcing a slew of development projects worth over Rs 450 crore for the region and also laying foundation stones for projects worth Rs 150 crore.

Sonipat has also been recognized by the chief minister of Haryana state Bhupinder Singh Hooda the region between Sonipat and Kundli as the center of excellence with one of the largest railway over-bridge project.

Various industry observers also mentioned that the city of Sonipat will soon be competing with a major industrial area in Haryana named Gurgaon developed a major real estate company named DLF.

It will soon be an industry and real estate hub for Haryana near the northern part of capital city visualizing the major industries having their offices along with some new and worth living housing societies in the city.
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DDA Housing Scheme 2014

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has once again come up with its lucrative “Housing Scheme”. The organization is offering 25,034 flats which are available in various categories set by the authority. With an aim to promote and secure the development of National Capital, Delhi, DDA has been working since 1955. The organization has helped the government in structured and synchronized growth of Delhi. The capital has always been an attractive destination of home-buyers and working people. With an increase in population, Delhi Government has always been in need of proper residential options. DDA with its strategic construction planning develops self-contained housing societies, commercial offices and retail. The firm always keeps an eye on building smart residential options where one can fulfil all his needs. Housing societies provided by DDA have all the basic amenities such as water, proper electricity supply, planned sewage treatment and other basic requirements for a good living. DDA works with a transparent system and allot the property to the shortlisted candidates through draw.         

DDA housing scheme 2014 is offering more than 25000 flats which are available for EWS, LIG, MIG, HIG, Janta Flats and One room apartments. DDA allots flats to these categories which makes it easy to have a flat for every kind of buyer. The organization offers housing options for economically weaker section and SC/ST so that they also get the residential benefits in Delhi. The authority has offered 80% flats for Delhi residents in its initial programs which have been scrapped now. These flats are ranging between 7 Lakhs to 1.2 Crore so that any kind of buyer can invest in this scheme. Further, the interested buyers can apply from September 1 and last date to receive the application is October 9. The DDA Draw 2014 will be taken out within 20 days after the closure of the scheme. The applicants can apply online as well which will make entire procedure an easy affair.   

Further, DDA has first time introduced a 5-year lock-in-period for dispute-free ownership and after 5 year a proper deed will be issued to the owners. These homes have been built according to the green technology for a clean and green living. DDA is offering 25,034 flats out of which 22,627 are one bed room apartments. 700 flats are being developed for EWS category which lies at Rohtak Road. The registration fee for all the categories is 1 Lakhs while EWS category has to pay 10000 Rs. This project is being developed in Dwarka, Rohini and Narela and well-connected with every prime location of the city. Thus, investing in DDA Housing Scheme is a profitable investment for any kind of property-buyer.

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