Get your dream apartment in Chennai with iOS app

The Detroit city of India has always been very generous in nurturing the talents of the aspiring entrepreneurs across the time and now the potential of the real - estate market alluring the investors for garnering profits. But if you think that you are too tied up with the work and the chances of flying down to Chennai looks slim and worried about missing out on the investment opportunities, then it’s time to take a chill pill and unleash the power of your iphone by downloading the iOS app from app store and get all the available apartment for sale in Chennai in a blink. The iOS app is an amazing platform to explore the realestate market of across 26 cities. The features of the app ease the process of house hunting

User Intuitive Interface
The user intuitive interface enables swift navigation from one page to another irrespective of the 2G or 3G connection.  You are instantly redirected to your desired page with an instant tapping

Once you explore the app, you are provided with the service options like Buy / Sell / Rent etc. and for you tap Buy and select the city as Chennai. Once you are done with it, you have been treated with all the available properties up for sale instantly in a list. For initial streamlining of the properties, tap the filter option and bespoke your search as per your priorities like bedrooms, locality, life style ratings

Verified Listings and High Definition Photo Gallery
No other app apart from iOS app provides you with the option of virtual tour of the property through the high definition photographs. And yes, all the properties enlisted with them are duly verified and visited by their own team. To ensure that you are not lost in multiple tabs, they have the carousal effect running on the bottom panel, which also allows you to shortlist your prospective property by a drag down gesture for future referencing

Another important feature which takes you a step closer to your dream home is this one. To know about the locality is as important as having an insight about the interiors and understands that very well. This is the reason they rate every properties on basic socio economic parameters like life style quotient, society and neighbourhoods. Higher the ratings better it is.
This window also features the details like amenities available through state of art designs icons, the built up area, the price of the property etc

Map view for better understanding of the location
The map view provides you with the understanding of exact location and its connectivity with the prominent landmark of the city along with the commutations details

The app also provides the details of the property enlister so that you can get in touch with him to take the deal ahead. The share button enables you to share your selected properties with your family and friends on the social networking platforms

Seems quite interesting and I am sure you guys have started exploring it also. Actually no one has envisioned to simplify the complexities in the process of house hunting by intelligently the applying the technology with the sharp business acumen and this has curved a niche for and getting you connected with your dream house
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How to Increase Your Home's Value Without a Fuss

If you've ever thought about selling your home or the value of your property, you've probably also thought about ways that you could increase the valuation of your house and the land it sits on. While this can get pretty expensive quickly, there are ways that you can make a difference - sometimes a big one - without spending a ton of money. Keep reading for some simple and cost effective ways to increase the price of your home.

Adding to Your Home's Value

Here are some simple and cost effective ways to increase the value of your home.

1)      Landscaping - While you might think this is expensive, you don't really need to spend a lot of money if you know what you're doing. Sometimes just painting a fence and adding a small bush or two can really make a difference. This isn't going to increase the value of your home a lot, but the better curb appeal will make it more appealing to potential buyers.

2)      Make all Repairs - Whether it's something small - a squeaky hinge - or something more serious - a leaky roof - taking the time to make a list of everything that needs fixed and getting it done can go a long way in helping improve the value of your home. People buying a home don't want to worry about anything when they move in. Well, not most of them - the ones that will pay the most money for your home.

3)      Make Modifications - If you can convert a bare basement into a finished family room or rec room, this can be considered adding more living space to the home. This can have a dramatic effect on the value of your home. This is going to cost money, of course, but if you plan it well the value increase is going to be more than what you spend.

4)      Energy Efficiency - If there's a way you can make your house more green friendly or have a smaller carbon footprint, the value is going to increase considerably. This can be something like changing to a new furnace that's energy efficient or going with a tankless water heater. These relatively small changes can increase your home's value when you put it on the market.

One place to get a better idea about rental marketing is to search for splendid koh samui villa rentals. You will find a lot of great information on how to achieve a good house for rent. Even if you've not made up your mind, knowing the true value of your home is a nice piece of information to have handy if you ever do decide to sell.

In the meantime, any work that you do to the interior or exterior of the house has the chance to increase the long term value considerably. This is why so many people take an interest in making their home look better - at least initially. After you begin improving your living space, it can be difficult to slow down or stop once you get going. 
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DDA Housing Scheme 2014

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has once again come up with its lucrative “Housing Scheme”. The organization is offering 25,034 flats which are available in various categories set by the authority. With an aim to promote and secure the development of National Capital, Delhi, DDA has been working since 1955. The organization has helped the government in structured and synchronized growth of Delhi. The capital has always been an attractive destination of home-buyers and working people. With an increase in population, Delhi Government has always been in need of proper residential options. DDA with its strategic construction planning develops self-contained housing societies, commercial offices and retail. The firm always keeps an eye on building smart residential options where one can fulfil all his needs. Housing societies provided by DDA have all the basic amenities such as water, proper electricity supply, planned sewage treatment and other basic requirements for a good living. DDA works with a transparent system and allot the property to the shortlisted candidates through draw.         

DDA housing scheme 2014 is offering more than 25000 flats which are available for EWS, LIG, MIG, HIG, Janta Flats and One room apartments. DDA allots flats to these categories which makes it easy to have a flat for every kind of buyer. The organization offers housing options for economically weaker section and SC/ST so that they also get the residential benefits in Delhi. The authority has offered 80% flats for Delhi residents in its initial programs which have been scrapped now. These flats are ranging between 7 Lakhs to 1.2 Crore so that any kind of buyer can invest in this scheme. Further, the interested buyers can apply from September 1 and last date to receive the application is October 9. The DDA Draw 2014 will be taken out within 20 days after the closure of the scheme. The applicants can apply online as well which will make entire procedure an easy affair.   

Further, DDA has first time introduced a 5-year lock-in-period for dispute-free ownership and after 5 year a proper deed will be issued to the owners. These homes have been built according to the green technology for a clean and green living. DDA is offering 25,034 flats out of which 22,627 are one bed room apartments. 700 flats are being developed for EWS category which lies at Rohtak Road. The registration fee for all the categories is 1 Lakhs while EWS category has to pay 10000 Rs. This project is being developed in Dwarka, Rohini and Narela and well-connected with every prime location of the city. Thus, investing in DDA Housing Scheme is a profitable investment for any kind of property-buyer.

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DDA has announced to Refund Registration Amount in 1 Month

There is good news for unsuccessful applicants who are unable to get flats in DDA draw live 2014. DDA had decided to refund registration amount to the applicants. Applicants had spent 1 lakh amount in the registration. According to the earlier role of DDA administration, registration amount was refunded in three months but this time period or refunded has been dearest to one month.    
At the time of launching of housing scheme Delhi Development Authority had mentioned in the brochure that if the applicants are unsuccessful in the draw, they will be refunded registration amount within three months after final announcement of the scheme. But according to the DDA vice chairman “earlier the decision of refunding registration amount to the applicants was made for three months. We thought that why amount of the applicants should be unnecessarily kept and make them face lose of interest. That’s why DDA has announced to refund the amount in one month”.

The period of one month will e counted from the closure date of DDA Housing Scheme 2014. The registration amount for each type of flat was 1 lakh but for the economical week people this was only 10,000.

In the brochure the authority has clearly mentioned that DDA will not pay any type of interest for 90 days after the closure of scheme on the registration amount. New decision of the authority will reduce the burden of the people who have taken loan from the banks for registration fee. DDA keep the registration amount as fixed deposit and use the interested generated through money for housing and other infrastructural projects.

If the authority is unable the pay the amount in 90 days, applicants will get interest of 8% per annum after the completion of 90 days. The housing scheme was closed on 15th October.

The decision of DDA administration for refunding registration amount in one month will bring great peace of mind to the people who have taken loan from the bank. They will have to worry less and they will easily save their interest amount.
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Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment in India

Real estate can be a very wise investment. If you have a keen sense of proper investment practices, profits just may abound. There are many ways you can make profit from property investments. With constant practice and careful observation of the market and other investors, you can grow in experience and know-how. In applying all this learning, you can be very successful in real estate investment. Certain tips may be helpful.

Knowledge of the Market
Property investment can be costly, so it’s important to make sure you’re investing in the right place. Scout for areas that promise high results in a short amount of time. Familiarize yourself with the market, and pay attention to forecasts and investment predictions in different places. Observe trends and estimate the possibilities for change. Know the risks and the advantages. Make an intelligent decision from the information gathered, then, proceed with the purchase. Explore various places for possible investment. Companies like Unitech Group Property in India offer good packages for real estate investment.

From a survey report, Business Insider reveals that Bangalore is the most preferred city for investment. Other places mentioned were Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, and Chennai. Results also show that Dehli was the least preferred market. Opportunity for profits from investing in Bangalore may indeed be good. Many Non Resident Indians have been considering coming back and settling in India because much of the country is experiencing a boom in the IT Sector. As for Ahmedabad, the demand for both residential and commercial sites in the area is equal and stable, making it a safer place to invest in. Never count Dehli out though, the investor who likes risks may be more interested in investing there. Since demand is not high, there are more possibilities for finding lower priced properties for purchase.

Knowledge of Real Estate Restrictions and Provisions
It is important to stay informed about particular regulations, restrictions, and other provisions pertaining to real estate matters. Never simply take a developer’s word for it. Always verify all information given to you during a sales pitch. Before any purchase, make sure that the lot or establishment you are purchasing, and the developer or direct seller you are purchasing from, is not in violation of city laws. If certain expenses need to be shelled out to facilitate compliance with government regulations, factor that into your investment.

One important bill investors must be knowledgeable about is the Real Estate Regulatory and Development Bill (RERD Bill). Conceptualized way back in 2008, the bill was finally cleared in 2013. The Times of India sees the bill as consumer friendly in that it brings transparency to projects being offered to consumers. The bill is balanced, holding both the buyer and seller accountable for any promises made, be they payment schedules or particular requests in the construction of the property. Indeed, a great many would-be property investors have lost money and heart to deceptive sales talk. Developers would make flattering and attractive promises that a buyer can only hold on to and trust. The bill protects would-be buyers from any type of dishonest schemes.

Knowledge and Management of Tax Requirements and other aspects of Finance
Tax payments are a major expense in every business, including that of real estate investors. Make sure you are well-informed about tax laws, and that all your information is current. Some opt to use the services of a licensed accountant or bookkeeper for various needs. Most of the time, this is the wisest move since those who are much more experienced with tax laws are able to give you ideas for tax breaks, exemptions, and reductions you might not know about.

According to Business Today, higher tax rates are charged on properties sold within three years of their purchase. Capital Gains tax is based on sale price minus the cost of acquisition (which includes improvement and transfer costs). On the other hand, sales of long-term assets may be claimed for capital gains tax exemption, that is, under Section 54EC of the Income-Tax Act. This may be done so long as you invest in bonds within 6 months of transfer. However, any Capital Gains Tax due, if applicable, will still cost less. Properties sold after three years of purchase are considered long-term gain. Though calculation is the same as that of short-term assets, acquisition costs (including improvement costs) are adjusted for inflation. This adjustment is termed as indexation. Sales of properties that are inherited or received as gifts also have their own capital gains rate. The cost of acquisition to previous owners is the base of computation, with adjustment for inflation.

Knowing what tax breaks you can apply for is a big money saver. Besides investing in bonds within six months of a property sale, one way to lower tax liability is to buy a house after you’ve sold your property. Purchase a new house within two years of the sale and you will qualify. Buying property that is under construction also entitles you to tax deductions.
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Brys City is coming to change the infrastructural definition of Greater Noida

Real estate development is going in fast pace India. Infrastructural development is always helpful in development of any country and India is a developing company so many of real estate developing companies are developing their projects in the various cities of India and helping in the development of the country. Those cities are mostly getting huge development, which are located beside the developed cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai and many others. Cities located beside Delhi are getting huge development because of having capital in close proximity. Many cities like Dwarka, Noida, Faridabad and Greater Noida are located beside Delhi but in terms of better infrastructure and development only Noida and Greater Noida are having better infrastructure. These cities are having peaceful environment and polluted free environment so people are mostly attracting towards these cities.

In these cities many of realty developing companies are working over many of residential and commercial projects. Brys city is one among these developing companies which has planned to develop mixed use project in Greater Noida. This group is well committed to provide world class infrastructure in residential and commercial projects. Brys Group is one of the most reputed realty developing companies in India and this group has proved its talent in developing infrastructure. The projects which have been developed by this group are proudly standing in the cities and telling the successes saga of commitment.

Brys City has been planned to be developed in Greater Noida Knowledge Park 5 with world class infrastructural facilities. Residential apartments and IT office space are being offered in Brys city along with commercial spaces for shops. All of these offerings are laden with required amenities of a mixed use project and place. 25 acres of land has been decided for developing of this project and mostly 75% area has been left open in which gardens and natures saving amenities have been placed. Brys city is giving you greenery view facing apartments and offices which will help you in being stress free. All of the office spaces and apartments will be three sides open. This project is offering you many more than your expectation like indoor games stadiums, swimming pool, 24 hours water and electricity supply, banquet party hall, grand entrance gate, natural gas pipeline to the kitchen and many more. Brys city offers you luxuries residences where you will be able to feel free and will spend your quality time with family.

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Real Estate Consultant Plays Pivotal Role in buying and selling of Property

Real estate marketing is one of the rapidly growing sectors in India, this brings buyers and sellers close. Real estate marketing is one of the most essential entities which help in real estate development and popularity. It is very essential for any real estate developing companies and property buyers to interact with real estate consultant. Real estate consultant is the best medium of communication between property buyers and property sellers. Real estate consultants are very essential for real estate developing company and real estate property buyers in many ways.

Consultants are most necessary for Property Buyers because they need to know about the project, development and legal authorities. Consultants make them aware of the all the legal and illegal activities of the project and property. Real estate consultants interact with the buyers and come to know about the want and choice and then they search in the market for relevant projects which will fulfill your every need and choice for your property. They help the buyers in choosing the right property for them which is affordable in your budget and which will never let you feel that you had done wrong to choose the property. Real estate consultants are same as the adviser which advice the buyers to choose the property and buying the property from sellers.

There are some responsibilities which real estate consultants should care for. The first and main responsibility of any real estate consultant is to interact with the buyers and know about their budget, need and want. And then they should show them best property in market which meets with their requirements and budget. The buyer cannot visit always to see property and that time real estate consultant is only medium who always keep the buyer informed about the development of project and the property. Real consultants help the buyer to know about the real market in the city.

Along with the buyers real estate consultants play pivotal role if you want to invest in real estate projects and property. Real estate consultants tell about the current scenario of the project and tell about the future of the location. Consultants always advise the investors to invest in right project and property which will give them healthy return of your investment. Investors always want to invest in such project which location is going to get huge development in future. Only huge development of location helps in gaining healthy return of investment. Real estate consultants are the only medium which keeps investors aware of all the future planning of location.
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Brys Group is giving you full comfort of life in Noida

Noida and Greater Noida are two cities close to the capital of India are well known for commercial hubs and industries. These are many companies and industries are situated in these cities. Due to having so many companies and industries these cities have become most demanding cities in NCR. There are other many reasons why huge number of people is moving towards Noida and Greater Noida. All of the areas of Delhi are full of crowd. Huge population of people is living the Delhi so it is very difficult to find peaceful area. So people are moving towards Noida and Greater Noida in search of peaceful and free from polluted environment area. Having so many industries and companies these cities are offering many jobs to the people so people are trying to get their residence in these cities. Residential projects in Noida are most demanding because of people’s interest in getting their residence. Many of residential and commercial projects are being developed by infrastructure developing companies. Brys Group is also an infrastructural development company which is developing many of residential and commercial projects in Noida and Greater Noida.

Brys Buzz is the launched residential project of Brys Group in Noida sector 150. The specialty of this project is its marvelous design and world class infrastructure. World’s most renowned architectures have designed Brys Buzz that is giving great view. First time in the history of Noida any residential project is offering helipad on its top. 81 storey tower of Brys Buzz is offering you helipad on the top where you can easily land with your own helicopter. From each and every side of Brys Buzz you will find same look that gives you great pleasure in your heart. Inside this helipad having 81 storey towers Brys Buzz is offering you world class residential apartments and villas which are fully loaded with world class luxuries and comfortable amenities.

Brys City is another innovative mixed use project of Brys Buzz in Noida Extension Knowledge Park 5. The most attractive of this project is its offerings. Studio apartments and Villas are being offered in residential unit of Brys City Noida and in commercial unit spaces for commercial and retail shops. In commercial unit IT offices spaces are also being offered along with each and every necessary amenity of a work place. Brys City is full packages for the people want to live a luxuries life where their residence and workplaces are close.    
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You Dream Come True With Brys Group

There have been three things which are fundamental need of the people; Residence, Food and cloth. This definition is not changed people want these things but the definition of residence have been changed. These days’ people want residence with luxurious and comfortable infrastructure. The lives of the people have become luxuries and they want to be in such house here each and every luxuries amenity would be available. For fulfilling such type of needs many of the real estate developing companies are developing residential projects. These projects are allowing the people their own residence according to choice and fancy. In these many real estate developing companies, Brys Group is also a realty developing company which has just taken step in real estate market and in this short time this group has earned great name and fame amongst the people and have become reputed and honorable name in India.

Many of the projects have been launched by this group and one of the projects has been handed over to the customers, Brys Buzz. This project has become as the satisfactory project for the buyers and investors. Some of the qualities are extraordinary that attracts the people towards it. Its most attractive quality is fulfilling the promises. Whatever promise this group makes at the time of dealing is surely kept in mind and fulfilled. On time delivery is the first priority of this group that makes the original difference between Brys group and other realty developing companies. Other projects of this group are Brys Caves and Brys Big etc. Brys Group assures the buyers and investors one thing that they will never think that they have done wrong to come with this group.

Brys City is the newest launched mixed use project in Greater Noida Knowledge IV by Brys Group. In terms of locality and accessibility this is located at the most beautiful location. All of the major parts of the city and nearby cities are well connected to this place with roads. Brys City is offering commercial spaces and residential apartments inside the single boundary where you can peacefully live your life and you can also easily go to the shops and offices. Facilities and amenities inside this project are marvelous and well enough to give you luxuries and comfortable lifestyle. All of the most demanding facilities and amenities of modern generation and elder generation have been planted here inside Brys City.
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Brys City - The Best Investment Project in Noida

Brys group is a reputed name in real estate development in India. This group is being guided by Mr. Rahul Gaur who is took the Gaur Group on a reputed place in realty market. Mr. Gaur works on the concept of own saying “Never stop challenging yourself”. His well guidance has taken this group to the name of satisfaction. This group has just completed a residential project in the name of Brys Buzz; this project has given well satisfaction to all the people who are related to it. Brys Buzz has satisfied all the people like buyers as well as investors. The reputation of builder also affects healthy return of the investors in return of their investment. There also many other factors which affect the return of investment and those are related to the quality of builder. If the builder is delivering project on time and keeping all the promises what the developer does then the people gets well return on their investment. Brys Group has some quality policy that includes on time delivery and world class facilities and amenities inside the projects. This group has set a new benchmark in real estate market and that is giving the property buyers and investors a golden to get more than they want. The vision of the developing group is to emerge as a progressive and innovative in each of the domains like real estate, hospitality and healthcare. The mission of the group is to achieve new heights and success through professional approach and quality work.

Brys Group has recently launched an innovative commercial project in Greater Noida by the name of Brys City. This project is strategically being developed in such surrounding which is full of residences. So who ever comes to business here will get a large number of customers. This project is offering plots for commercial space, retail and IT offices. Plots are being offered here in world class infrastructure and between world class facilities and amenities. Entire modern most demand facilities and amenities have been provided here. Each and every basic need of the people as well as commercial place has been kept in mind at the time of development. World foremost architectures have designed Brys City  in such way that each and every need will be getable on foot step. Some special features of the project are swimming pool, indoor games court, CCTV security and grand entrance gate etc.
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Morpheus Pratiksha Brings Condominium-Style Living To Noida Extension

These days all people want to be in cities for better jobs, better education for their children and for their better future. So people are moving towards the cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai etc. These cities are well developed cities of India. So demand in these cities for property is increasing day by day. In the same way the demand of residential and commercial projects in Delhi has increased and cities in NCR are also most demanding places. One of the most demanding cities in NCR is Noida Extension. This is one of the Asia’s biggest planned cities. People are searching for their own residences in Noida Extension so many of realty developing companies are developing their projects. Noida Extension is also connected to all major parts of National Capital Region.

Morpheus Group has launched a residential project in this most demanding location in the name of Morpheus Pratiksha. Its location is fantastic and having close proximity to FNG Expressway. Noida City Centre metro station is only three kilo meters far from here and 15 min drive from Delhi. This project has many features to take your life to the next level of luxury and comfort. Apartments of the project have been designed to give you best view from each and every corner of the apartment and outside boundaries. 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments are being offered inside towers of the project with world class facilities and amenities. Structure and construction is certified earthquake resistant that give and individual a safe live in luxury and comfort. Morpheus Pratiksha is spread over 10.5 acres of land and mostly 70% of land have been open and full of greenery. Along with the luxuries facilities and world class amenities nature has also been kept in mind for that rain harvesting facility has been planned and greenery. Morpheus Pratiksha Noida is the best place for your residence where you will live your life in the mixture of eco friendly environment and modern technology.  
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Change your living style with Bulland Calisto

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Airwill Group - Another Name of the Trust in Real Estate Noida

Every individual wants to do business on world class commercial space where world class amenities and better facilities are getable. If you are searching for such type of place then you search is over with the newest launched an innovative commercial project of Airwil Group in the name of Airwil Intellicity. This project is spread over 25 acres of land which are full of different type of offerings like IT spaces, villas and studio apartments. The location of the project is excellent and next to sports city. NH 24 is close to the location as well as Yamuna expressway. Having close proximity to the major destinations this place is the most demanding location in Noida Extension. Noida City Centre metro station is only 10 min drive away from the location of Airwil intercity.

Working over Airwil Intellicity the developer is taking care of each and every need of a commercial space. The extensive spectrum of the services include a five star hotel,  a world class mall, corporate offices, multi cuisine restaurants, Banks, ATMs, swimming pool and lot more. All the plots of the offerings are three sides open. The designs are artistical and have been giving beautiful look that will exotic the mind of the people. These commercial are being offered in a reasonable price that suites every individual. Now you are free to choose your best future in Airwil Intellicity.  Airwil Intellicity offers some extra ordinary amenities to its buyers like club house, recreational facilities, cafeteria, security garden and Gymnasium etc. along with these extraordinary facilities some heart exotic facilities have been offered that are much enough to give you well satisfaction. 

Airwil Group is a reputed name in real estate developing market of India which has developed many of the commercial and residential projects is each part of the nation. Its world class techniques and exotic design have kept this group on top in realty developing. Airwil Group has always been keeping the promises which have been made at the time of deal. The group has always delivered the project on time, it is the best quality of the group and the projects which have been already developed by Airwil Group tell the saga and make this group more popular. The main identity of this project is on time possession and on time delivery of each and every project. Airwil Group has always developed most graceful and attractive projects.
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Casa Greens 1 Splendid Destination to Get Unwind Life

Casa Greens 1 is the newest residential project of Radhey Krishna Group in the Asia’s biggest planned city Noida Extension. In the close proximity of Noida the project is having close proximity to Greater Noida and Delhi. Entire means of accessibly are available on this location and also expressways like Yamuna expressway and Noida expressway provide well connectivity links to this location to all major parts of the city as well as Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Agra etc. having connectivity to all parts and accessible on these connectivity links, this project is one of the best residential project in terms of location from where you can go easily where ever you want and get accessible facilities.  

Casa Greens 1 is offering 2 and 3 BHK apartments with multi specialized facilities and amenities. Radhey Krishna Group is 2 BHK apartment on 1050 sq ft and 3 BHK apartments in two types as 1140 sq ft and 1490 sq ft. these sizes of apartments are being offered on the affordable prices to the buyers. Some extraordinary features of this project are well ventilated apartments, Spanish Balconies, French windows, Landscape Park, sprawling green, kid’s splash pool, and modern water bodies. These features make this residential project one of the best residential project to buy in Noida Extension. Buyers will also easily find courts of indoor games like tennis, squash, billiards and badminton etc. Parks for meditation and play have been well planted here and jogging tracks are available beside the parks and apartments for joggers. Affordable price, world class features and prime location have made this Casa Greens 1 paradise and ultimate destination for home seekers and real estate investors.

Radhey Krishna Group is one of the leading real estate developing companies in India. The group was established in and from then this group is renowned for its outstanding quality construction, timely delivery and excellent customer services.
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Bhasin Group Mist Avenue Festival City

Mist Avenue is one of the recent innovations of Bhasin Group. This project is having various types of offerings like office spaces and villas etc. this project is being developed strategically in Noida sector 143. This location is one of the most attractive and most demanding locations of National Capital Region of India.  This location is having close vicinity to all the major part of the city and nearby cities. Noida Expressway just crosses this location and this provides connectivity to Delhi, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. Being a part of this place will always keep you connected to all parts of the city. This location is only 8 min drive far from Noida and 25 min drive far from Connaught place. The bungalows of mist Avenue are ultra modern luxuries and full of world class amenities and facilities. This has been well designed and keeping nature in mind greenery has been planted.

Bhasin Group the developer of Mist Avenues has launched India largest market in Mist Avenue by the name of Festival City Noida. This largest market of India is only offering retail shop spaces full of world class amenities and facilities. These retail shops have been well designed and have been given world class beauty. Two iconic glass structure lawns have been built which increase the beauty of Festival City. India’s largest musical fountain is built there like musical fountain in Las Vegas and dancing musical fountain in Dubai. Festival City is the best place for hangout because of having many fun activities. Ground level parking has been built with the capacity of more than 7000 cars.

Bhasin Group is developing both of the above mentioned world class project. This group is one of the fastest growing realty developing companies in Nation Capital Region. This group is well committed to latest innovation and technology; both of the projects are showing the commitment of the group and also showing the tremendous design and architecture of the employees of the company. This is one of those types of real estate developers who believe in mixed type of project. 

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