Benefits of using Social Media for real estate business

Benefits of using Social Media for real estate business
In this day and age, where social media gives the ultimate branding to your business, it is naïve to think you can do away with it.

India, a country with 17.84% of world population has 462,124,989 internet users as of 2016, which is second highest in the world.

The power that these people possess in making or breaking your business should not be overlooked as this is the era of educated real estate consumers and the market, as we know it is VIRTUAL with an ever increasing competition.

Hence, creating the need for out of the box online skills, one has to be active and engaging. Here are 5 ways that show how the use of social media helps promote real estate business.

This is making the first move towards fostering healthy relationships with your buyers, by giving them a platform to openly talk about you and talk to you. Among such globally popular platforms are Google+ and LinkedIn. By doing this, you let your buyers know that you appreciate their feedback and are open to suggestions.

Whether in the form of a rating or a review, any kind of testimonial from your customers is crucial. Positive reviews and higher ratings lead to greater recommendations. They also boost the trust of the buyers in you.  Feedback can be placed strategically on your website and shared on the social network, endorsing your services.

Real estate market has never been steady. You can easily keep track of your competition as online reviews are accessible to all. This can help you to learn from mistakes. It also allows you to assess the past, present and future trends in the market.

Using high-quality images of properties and locality helps you showcase what best you have to offer. You provide for a virtual tour to your buyers by allowing them to browse through properties from the comfort of their couches and in turn they give you publicity by sharing and reviewing them. Positive reviews help attract new business. 

There may be some who have outgrown you, it is essential for you to win them back as their negative feedback might be disastrous for the business, in extreme cases jeopardising it. Whereas, positive feedback is sure to do wonders. Make new clients by meeting the demands of the existing ones.

Making the most of the social media, stay open to criticism and acknowledge appreciation. Create an identity for your work, in turn creating an identity for yourself. Read more visit Indian Realty Exchange.

Debunking Realty Myths

Life is full of myths. You find myths in every part. For that matter myth is present even in the Real Estate arena. Here are some prevalent myths to understand the ‘real’ Real Estate.

Ups and Downs
The market prevails the Real Estate market. Prices in this market tend to fall as well, it is not always elevating.
Ups and downs

Selling is not a piece of cake

As easy as selling a property seems. In reality, it is quite a time-consuming task and sometimes the seller even is compelled to sell it at a lower rate.

Selling is not a piece of cake

Future is one unpredictable boy
there is no guarantee of a higher returns as plans for a future development are often either delayed and sometimes even cancelled.
Future is one unpredictable boy

Renting se darna mana hai
Everyone loves a little extra income! Then why to be scared and stay away from it. Renting provides you with a reasonable income.
Renting se darna mana hai

Go cheaper! Go Google!
Everyone has a set budget and sometimes it hard to find a cheap real estate property. But with a wide forum like the internet, it is highly easy and convenient to look for cheaper properties.
Go cheaper! Go Google!

It’s not just about money honey.
Real estate is not just for the riches. It is one arena which provides possibilities for all strata. To even make it more ‘affordable’ these are affordable schemes available.
It’s not just about money honey.

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Apply for Chandigarh Housing Board New Scheme 2016 at Sec-51A

There has been a delay of eight years and after the waiting the Chandigarh Housing Board is presenting with an innovative housing scheme and it is at the Sector 51-A. As part of the scheme you have the allotment of the 200 flats and the registration of the same is available till 7th May 2016. The scheme is highly lucrative and there are more things to state as part of the process. The flats are properly constructed edifices and they are sp spacious as according to the price in offer. The CHB has officially announced the launching of the scheme.

The size of one flat is 1073 square feet. The price of the single is not more than Rs. 69 lakh. You have two sub schemes for the housing project. The flats are offered to the general public and the first floor is offered under the Assured Allotment Scheme. As part of the scheme the authority will be offering the 2BHK flat and the floor consists of the dining room, the drawing room, the kitchen, and the two bedrooms along with the attached toilets. You even have the dressing room and the store room. There is also a lift and a balcony available. Also know Maharashtra Housing Day.
There is the offline method of registration and the interested applicant can buy the form from any preferred branch of the bank and move with the application process. The method is simple and straight. You don’t have much complications involved. When you ate submitting the application form it should be accompanied with the registration fee. The remaining amount can be submitted within the next 90 days. At the time when you are taking the possession you should make a submission of Rs. 50000. This you should give to the account of the Residential Welfare Association. You will not get the brochure online presently. It is available online from 8th April and the interested applicants can procure the, fill the same and make the submission in time. 

There are perfect norms to be followed in order to have a place in the scheme. Getting a flat is a great luck and you should try for it this time.  For more visit Globalncr.

The Changing Trends in Real Estate

The Changing Trends in Real Estate
The industry of Real Estate plays one chief role in the country’s economy. Over the last few years the real estate sector has undergone a major elevation. This change is to a major extend because of the changing trends in this market.

Affordable Housing
The government in the budget of 2016 has announced certain changes under affordable housing to enhance it more in the country. Even in the past, there has been a number of schemes which were launched by the government like Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewed, Rajiv Awas Yojana and a couple of more. The government in 2016 budget has exempted the service tax on the affordable houses up to 60 square meters under the scheme of state or central government. To cater relief to those who live in rented houses, there has been an increase in the limit of deduction of rent paid under section 80GG from Rs 24,000 per annum to Rs 60,000. A deduction of 100% for profits to housing projects building homes up to 30 square meters.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits)
It is a company that owns and operates income-generating Real Estate. REITs provide investors of various types with regular income alternatives, diversification and long-term capital appreciation. REITs provide competitive long-term rates of return. REITs yield a higher dividend than other investments. It provides investors with liquidity as they can be easily converted into cash anytime. It also provides transparency as the financial reporting is done on regular basis which provides investors with a measure of protection.

The ‘Smart Cities’ Mission
Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal drive by the Government of India to make India a smarter and better place for people to live in. India is a country with massive population, and with this increase the demand of housing. This high and ever increasing demand lead to congested and harmful environment hence the Smart cities mission is a step towards a planned India which provides people a good quality of life, growth and development. This mission also aims at developing 100 cities all around the country transforming them into a place with citizen-friendliness and sustainability.

‘Small’ Is the Next Beautiful
In the real estate market now, the small sized properties are taking priority over the larger units in the metropolitan cities. Due to huge maintenance required for large homes, the buyers are deviating from purchasing huge larger homes. The preferable area that buyers prefer to buy the maximum ranges between 800-1200 square feet.

These trends are having a positive effect on the real estate and sector and are helping in the boosting of this sector.  For read more articles on IRX.


We are all Bollywood fans! And Bollywood plays a very important role in our lives. For instance movies like ‘Bunty and Babli’ and ‘Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl’ teach how people can easily scam innocent buyers using their tricky yet fraud schemes.

With the rapid boost in the Real Estate sector, there has been a consequent increase also in the real estate scam area. There have been a lot of cases wherein we see how buyers become the victims of such scams. Here are a few scams that a buyer needs to be careful about:

There have been scams related to the title in the real estate industry. The scammer duplicates the title deeds of vacant projects and tries selling it to the innocent buyers. And when the scam is detected, the scammer by then has already disappeared along with loads of illegal money taken from the buyers.
Hence, a buyer needs to be highly careful and vigilant. They must have a thorough and deep research about the property as well as the buyer.

With the growth of Real Estate, there is an increase in competition among the buyers. They in order to bring in more of buyers advertise fake promises about the project, just to tempt the buyers. There was an instance that happened in Gurgaon wherein the builder promised a 12% return on the invested money till they property was handed over. But when the company gave the cheque to the buyers, the cheques happened to bounce.

Therefore, a buyer should now merely get tempted and attracted by such advertisements.

This is one common scam that takes place in the Real Estate industry. The builder induces the buyer to pay a reasonable amount and then they tend to start delaying the project progress for getting more buyers. And then there are some builders who use the pooled money from one particular project into another project. Thus leading to a delay in both the projects.

Well, now with the RERA bill, buyers can file a complaint against such delays to the Regulatory Authority, who will have to take immediate action.

There are a lot of cases where the buyers are scammed with a final project totally different from the approved one. The developer compromises on amenities, spaces, parking etc.

For this again the RERA bill will now act as a shield for this scam also.

Investors are becoming aware of the scams but the scammers always find a new way. Hence, it is the responsibility of the buyer to carefully look and research into what they are purchasing.

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5 Topmost Places to visit in NCR and Delhi

5 Topmost Places to visit in NCR and Delhi
Noida and Gurgaon are grabbing popularity because of its developing nature. With so many IT industries flourishing at the place people are finding the millennium city and Noida worth visiting place and the person who comes to these places don’t forget to visit Delhi. Due to the presence of these attractive places the value of real estate has increased tremendously, as people wish to acquire property near malls so that they can enjoy the virtues of the modern era. The famous 5 hotspots are-
City square Mall- The mall that is constructed with astounding exterior and well decorated interior has grabbed visitors from near and far off places. It has plenty of branded showrooms displaying trendy and modern clothing’s. With one floor named food court entices food lovers as people can enjoy a variety of eatables there. It’s a perfect combination of clothing’s, housing and food. There is PVR to enjoy latest movies. It’s a perfect shopping and entertainment complex that you can’t afford to miss.

Ansal Plaza- The very enticing shopping mall that has become a crowd puller is an Ansal Plaza Vaishali. Situated at Gaziabad with metro connectivity the mall is becoming popular amongst the youngsters and all age groups. Apart from branded showroom, you can enjoy international delicacies like Pizza from Pizza hut, Famous burger of Mc Donald and world famous cosmetics from color plus.  Ansal Plaza connects with metro blue line many Delhi ties visit it and enjoy their visit.

Ambience Mall Gurgaon- another center of attraction is the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. The place is popularly called as millennium city due to the growing interest of people. People are showing great interest in this city and wish to acquire residential or commercial place in the city. This is the popular mall enriched with excellent interiors and magnificent shopping zone.  You will find an ice skating ring in the mall that is a unique feature of the mall.

Select City walk Mall-Hard rock café of the mall is attracting visitors because of its lip-licking eatables. The mall is loaded with multiplex, food court, restaurants, bars, cafes, kid zone and many more attractions. You will find branded clothing to meet your trendy and stylish dresses. You will never run short of entertainment choice at this mall.

Metro Walk Mall- This mall that is built in 2, 00,000 sq. was built by famous builder, the Unitech. Reebok, Pantaloon, Nike are just few branded companies that you will find in this mall that is located in Rohini, Delhi. People visiting the mall enjoy adjoining adventure island were very exciting and thrilling rides waits for visitors. The mall has something for every age group. It is a perfect place to enjoy tasty food and branded shopping. With several rides at Adventure Island it will surely win your heart.

Real Estate Bill All Set To Become A Reality

Just a couple of weeks ago, my uncle was discussing with my dad on how his builder is continuously delaying the possession of his house. Delay in getting your home is one of the crucial problems that every home buyer is facing these days. I am sure a number of you must have faced the same. But don’t you worry anymore! Because the government has now provided a ‘legal shield’ to the home buyers by clearing Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill.

This bill was unsettled in the Parliament from 2013, and now it has been finally passed in both the houses with an aim of protecting buyers along with developers’ rights. The bill will now be sent to the President for his approval, after which it will become a law.

The bill provides establishing Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERAs) which will make sure timely execution of projects. Also, the Appellate Tribunal will have to make a judgment on any case in 60 days, which was earlier 90 days and Regulatory Authorities have to dispose the case within 60 days.

The implementation of the bill as law and proper regulation by the Regulatory authorities will make it mandatory for the builder to deliver the projects timely and with quality. This bill will be implied to new and well as ongoing projects.

Mr Venkaiah Naidu highlighted that the purpose of the bill is ‘What you are committing, promising through advertisements, please fulfill that.’ He also added that Government has been also trying to bring National Urban Rental Housing Policy, in order to cater the tenancy hassles these days.

This bill makes home buying definitely a lot easier for the home buyers while protecting the sentiments of the real estate sector as well.  Read more about  latest real estate updates  on  Indian Realty Exchange.

Impact of 2016 Union Budget on Real Estate Sector and Buyer’s Sentiment

The Honourable Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitely presented the annual Union Budget on February 29th, 2016 as the entire country waited with bated breath. There was much to cheer about and much to complain, especially for the real estate sector, which is currently undergoing a slow and painful recovery process. Overall, it can be said that the budget was a mixed bag, both for real estate developers and buyers.

For Real Estate Developers: 

1. No More DDT on REITs
The Finance Minister finally heeded a long-standing demand of the real estate sector by exempting the Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Despite introducing REITs to India way back in 2014, the industry was reluctant to use it as an investment tool due to high taxation. Finally, the government has done away with DDT in the hopes that investments will soon start flowing in through REITs.

2. Exemption from Service Tax and Zero Taxation on Profits for Affordable Homes
The good news for real estate developers didn’t stop there. The Finance Minister announced that developers involved in building affordable housing projects (30 sq meters in metros and 60 sq meters in tier II cities) will get a service tax exemption. Not only that, developers of affordable housing will also have an additional incentive of paying zero taxes on profits made by selling affordable housing. All this should push developers to help fulfil the government’s ambitious ‘Housing for All’ plan by 2022.

3. No Single Window Clearance or Industry Status
Industry insiders weren’t particularly happy that the Finance Minister failed to address some other key demands of the sector, such as the need to set up a single window clearance process or give industry status to the real estate sector.
Apart from the above points, the real estate sector has much to cheer about due to the government’s promise to spend big on roads, infrastructure and start-ups, all of which boosts real estate demand.

For Home Buyers:

1. Tax Deductions on Home Loans for First Time Buyers
In its bid to improve demand for real estate in the country, the government announced fresh tax breaks for home buyers looking to make an investment in affordable housing. The government has announced an additional tax deduction of Rs. 50,000 on home loan interest for loans up to Rs. 35 lakhs (only if the value of the house doesn’t exceed Rs. 50 lakhs).

While this new strategy to boost demand is definitely helpful, industry experts feel that it probably will not have as big an effect in metro cities and are likely to benefit home buyers in tier II and tier III cities. This is because the average housing costs in cities like Delhi and Mumbai far exceed Rs. 50 lakhs and thus home owners in these cities would be ineligible for the tax breaks.

2. Tax Relief for Rental Income
The Finance Minister also announced increased tax exemption for rent paid, from Rs. 24,000 p.a to Rs. 60,000 p.a which is welcome news for the rent paying public.

3. KrishiKalyanCess
Home buyers have an additional tax to contend with, namely the 0.5% KrishiKalyanCess on all services. Along with increasing stamp duty and registration charges, this tax is likely to increase the burden on home buyers.

Overall, the Union Budget 2016 was a mixed bag for both the real estate developers and the buyers. Only time will tell whether the government’s plan to boost demand and supply comes to fruition. Read more some interesting  Articles on

Top 5 Malls in Delhi NCR

Top 5 Malls in Delhi NCRDelhi has been always in the news due to its active indulgence in politics. The city has grabbed attention from other states because of ample reasons and the magnificent malls has further added fire to fuel and the city always makes a headline of most of the newspapers. There are various malls that are attracting people with their numerous entertainment activities apart from being a one stop place for shopping of all essential products. Have a look at the features of these NCR malls that is adding to their popularity-

Select Citywalk mall- This is the biggest mall of the city that is famous for its various amenities that includes kid zone, food court, restaurants, bars, cafes, multiplex and various gaming zone. The mall is one of the most visited malls by people from and across the capital and NCR. It has an array of foreign brands that offers you best and fashion clothing’s along with Indian brands to cater your needs. Hard Rock Café is the USB of the mall that lure the visitors to its vicinity.

Ambience Mall, Gurgaon- Situated at NH 8, DLF City phase III, Gurgaon is another magnificent mall that grabbed attention from visitors. Wishful people can reach at the mall via metro. The nearest metro station to reach at the mall is Micromax Moulsari Avenue. No wonder it’s one of the biggest malls of the country which consists of huge shopping area flooded with famous brands. Visitors love to be in the mall because of its excellent interior and architecture. It has PVR Blu-O most popular bowling alley and Iskate. People visit the Ambience mall because of its wonderful Ice- skating rink. The pleasure of watching a movie is rightly felt in its 7-screen PVR cinemas multiplex. Plus, you can visit Leela Kempinski Hotel as well, which is situated above the mall.

Ansal Plaza- Another worth mentioning mall that has grabbed visitors in the Ansal Plaza Vaishali Mall, which is located in the Vaishali adjoining, Delhi. You will find all the famous retailers at under a single place. Mc Donalds, Archies, Pizza hut, Color plus, Lacoste are just handful to name the popular brands that you will find in this mall. The mall has easy connectivity via metro and to reach at the mall you have to get down at the Vaishali metro station. The mall has always remained in the limelight since its inception as it was the first mall constructed in the city.

City Square Mall- If you are living in west Delhi then City Square Mall is just for you. It is situated at Shivaji Marg, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. The place is amongst one of the posh areas of west Delhi. It has an array of branded outlets to serve the best clothing’s.

Metro Walk Mall- The mall that has been the center of attraction in Rohini is the Metro Walk Mall, which is built on 2, 00,000 sq.ft. and is built by Unitech. You will find Reebok, Nike, Pantaloons etc. popular brands at this mall, but the center of attraction lies in the adventure island that has made the mall more popular amongst all age groups.

Ansal Plaza Vaishali Best location for Offices Spaces

Ansal Plaza Vaishali  Best location for Offices Spaces
Vaishali is emerging as a hot destination because of the infrastructure and facilities that people will soon enjoy there. With metro work in progress the place will become easily reachable from Delhi as well. It has numerous malls and shopping complex to cater your needs. With easy connectivity to major ports it is grabbing attention from far and near places. And the popularity is going to increase more once metro starts operating to the named place. What makes it hot amongst the real estate, have a look-

With the development of malls and shopping complexes, the real estate is likely to increase. Prices around the places that are of necessity like hospitals, schools, entertainment places, etc. are likely to increase as the people prefer to live near such places.

Second, the most important factor that is boosting up the market of real estate in Vaishali is its connectivity. Ansal Plaza is situated at 5-10 minutes distance away from Vaishali, Mohan Nagar, Vasundhara, Rajendra Nagar, Kaushambi and Sahibabad. To reach at the place from other places, like Preet Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Anand Vihar, Mayur Vihar and Patparganj it will hardly take 20 minutes. The place is easily approachable because of its connectivity through roadways and metro.

You will enjoy entertainment and shopping experience under single roof. It is a spacious mall that is centrally air conditioned covering an area of 2, 00,000 sq.ft. You can enjoy an array of retail outlets, art 3 screen multiplex and to meet your hunger needs, numerous outlets await to serve you mouthwatering food.

Another reason that is uplifting the demand of the area around the Ansal Plaza Vaishali is the fact that the property in the capital city is high and it is not possible for people to buy land there so the demand for property is increasing at Vaishali giving an increase to the property world around the Ansal Plaza area.

The astounding factor which has won the heart of wishful people is the fact that it meets the needs of every family member. Be it a shopping for kids or grocery shopping for kitchen, medicines for elderly or entertainment for youngsters all the requirements are met under a single umbrella. It is a complete family destination where everyone can get what they want.

While travelling to any place the very first problem which a person faces is about parking. With so many vehicles on the road, people usually park cars along the roadside thus making transportation difficult. But Ansal Plaza has ample parking you can easily park your car and enjoy shopping.

The very next benefit that you enjoy at Ansal Plaza is the 24x7 security which matters a lot these days. The entire mall is well laced with CCTV to keep an eagle eye on every activity. If you run short of money during your shopping then to no worries, there are numerous banks and ATM facilities to provide you with ready cash. With escalators and elevators you can smoothly move on to any floor and shop to your heart’s content.

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Find Best PG in Bangalore in Your Budget

Find Best PG in Bangalore in Your Budget
Bangalore has always qualified as number one city by the enthusiastic youngsters those who wish to make a drastic change in their career. The city is well known as IT hub because of the fact that more than 100 apps are developed every day, thus offering promising future to the people who have come to Bangalore for their employment.

With make in India concept many people are transferred to Bangalore to be a part of various programs that are being organized there and the city that is famous for its lovely weather welcome all with open arms. There won’t be anything wrong if you call it your second home. People shifting in the city need not worry about the accommodation. is one of the leading websites that will help you get a PG in Bangalore. It will provide you with basic amenities rightly matched with your expectations.

Best of all is its capability to provide you with accommodation at any place in the city. You can easily get PG in Bangalore near your workplace or even near to your college. No worries about going to your office, by residing near your workplace will help you reach the office within few minutes thus saving you time and transportation costs. Reaching college within less time and eventually spending saved time on studies.

Apart from the numerous facilities that you enjoy at the staying place you will be amazed with the offers that are provided to the customers. It’s not only the discounts that you enjoy, but also you will be stunned to receive surprising gifts and that’s not all in its goodies bag it has much to offer you with refer and earn. When you refer about you will get 200 rs off on your next month bill and your friend is also entitled to receive the same.

If you are confused about any hidden costs, then no need to worry. The amount shown is the actual amount and there are no hidden charges, which you need to pay thus ensuring you perfect pricing for the housing. The atmosphere around the vicinity will win your heart as the architecture of the places are loaded with ample greenery and walking space. Living in an area of lush green ambiance will directly soothe your mind and enhances your physical health as well.

With all these amenities, Bangalore is gaining popularity amongst the buyers; people are looking forward to invest in the city. The city is moving ahead with more infrastructures added to it. Connectivity to major ports has further add-on to the named place. With more industries and call centers set up there people are getting more employment opportunities and a pathway to successful and prosperous future.

Impact of FDI Policy Changes on Real Estate

Impact of FDI Policy Changes on Real Estate
In 2005, the Government of India first opened up the Real Estate sector to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), when 100% investment was allowed in townships, housing and built up infrastructure and construction developments since 2005, subject to certain conditions related to the minimum area under development, minimum investment and the buy‐in period.

This relaxation led to huge investments in the real estate sector, with FDI inflows in real estate accounting for 10% of all the foreign direct investment in the country, leading to fast development of real estate in the country. However, the growth hit a plateau around 2011 – 12, with real estate prices hitting all‐time highs, discouraging buyers from investing, and bringing the entire sector into a slowdown mode.  Several reasons have been cited for this slowdown, the major ones being: ‐

A) The limitations set by the Government of India regarding the minimum investment amounts and the lock‐in periods made it unviable for foreign investors to invest, as projects were not getting completed and the investors were unable to get their returns.

B) The prices of land and other materials required for construction of the projects  skyrocketed, and because of the drying up of foreign investment, developers are cash strapped and finding it difficult to complete projects.

C) Because of inflation and other factors, overall prices of property have increased, which is making buyers reluctant to invest in the sector right now, leading to surplus development that is going unused.

Since Real Estate is one of the most important sectors of the economy, and to fulfill the current Government’s aim of “Housing for all by 2022” and development of the 100 smart city mission, the Narendra Modi has revised the FDI policy on Real Estate to make it more conducive for foreign investors to invest in the country. Some of the main features of the revised policy are: ‐

A) The minimum floor area for projects eligible for FDI has been reduced to 20,000 square metres as compared to the earlier minimum of 50,000 square metres.

B) The minimum capital requirement for FDI has been reduced to USD 5 Million from USD 10 Million.

C) Though the Government has still imposed a time limit of 3 years on these investments, keeping in mind the typical development time of a project, the investment can enter when the project begins and leave when it gets completed, giving more flexibility to the investors.

But what do these changes entail for real estate brokers as well as end‐buyers? As is typical and expected, there can be pros and cons of foreign direct investment, but mostly the mood is positive and so is the expectation from the results. Here’s what brokers can expect: ‐

A) The relaxation of FDI policy is expected to bring in a lot of foreign investment, which will allow developers to complete existing projects as well as hit no roadblocks in the development of new projects. This is expected to improve the sentiment among the buyers, making it easier for brokers to sell properties, leading to a direct increase in business.

B) However, FDI is usually also accompanied by inflation, which may lead to further increase in real estate prices, making buyers even more tentative. Brokers need to be prepared for such scenarios and adjust accordingly to motivate buyers.

C) The increase of foreign investment may also make it difficult for domestic companies and agents to survive in the market, and brokers must prepare, develop their skills for such an eventuality to ensure business carries on as usual.

D) These measures, accompanied by the Real Estate Bill will bring in more transparency in the market, thereby improving buyer sentiment. Brokers must make themselves aware of the nitty gritties of these bills and make sure they fulfill all the requirements to legally do business.

If you want to know more about the government’s policies and norms on the property sector, then please visit

ATS Bouquet Noida Sector 132 An Overview

Noida is grabbing attention from/across the country because of its numerous privileges it offers to the wishful people who are looking to invest in real estate. With metro connectivity and excellent entertainment stopovers, Noida is becoming “fun city” for the people living in and around the city. TAS Bouquet is another feather in its cap that is enticing people is a part of this wonderful place.

All inspired by providing green buildings to its residence it has created healthy green natural surroundings so that residents can enjoy the feel of nature and live a healthy life. ATS Bouquet that is offering flats at sector 132 is one of the most enticing residential spaces which are created by ultra modern architects. The design is made in such a way that people enjoy the amenities which they have heard or are available in foreign countries.

One of the astounding features of the project is its optimum utilization of land rightly matched with space utilization and appealing surroundings. It has made in such a way that is looks after all the needful services of the ultra modern offices. There is a large food court to handle the large gatherings with fine dining.

To add-on to its features, the place enjoys connectivity to major places in Jaypee Greens Wishtown stands as a landmark to the named place. Health services are located at a stone throws away distance. You will find Jaypee Greens hospital adjoining ATS Bouquet so that medical services can be availed immediately. Moreover, the residential sector is adjoining Noida Expressway thus offering connectivity to Delhi and other places.

It is loaded with all the amenities and services that a buyer looks in a real estate. It targets starting right from the location of modern and world class facilities that are needed for healthy and happy living. The project is inspired by all professionalism, quality and trendy approach that targets customer focus. To make a place your dream home 1300 designers and engineers are working jointly. With the prime focus on the attractive and comfortable living, interior designers are hired.

Special attention is paid to the healthy environment and the projects meet all the norms of the modern residential places. All laced with modular kitchen, vitrified floorings, swimming pool, jogging track, power back, round the clock water and power supply have much more to look for. As the project is in its primary stage, the prices are kept at an affordable and easy pay away method.

One of the most common problems that buyer face while buying real estate is of delay in the completed project. ATS Bouquet Noida Sector 132 offers you on time delivery and possession of the place within the specified time. This way ATS Bouquet has gained goodwill and continues to win faith and confidence of buyers. It is one of the leading real estate company that offer world-class residential and official spaces to buyers.

7 Benefits of the Real Estate Regulation Bill for Home Buyers

7 Benefits of the Real Estate Regulation Bill for Home Buyers
In the last few years, the state of the Indian real estate market has been inconsistent, to say the least. But the home buyers are always at the receiving ends. That changes now. The amendments in the Real Estate Bill are consumer friendly and mainly aimed to protect the home buyers from errant builders and ensure timely completion of the projects.

Following are some of the benefits which the home buyers can avail of due to the Real Estate Regulation Bill.

1.) Each state and union territory will have a real estate regulator which will help to settle disputes and impose compensation, if required. Moreover, all the commercial and housing projects will have to be registered with the regulator. This will help home buyers in buying genuine property.

2.) Without prior registration with the concerned real estate authority, builders and developers cannot launch any projects or advertise it. They have to submit clearances with the regulator and disclose the layout plans, name of the architect, structural engineer, contractor and other details of the project. This will provide much needed transparency regarding the project, which in turn will benefit the home buyers.

3.) The sale of property in India on the basis of super area i.e., the area in which a flat is spread along with the common area has been prohibited. In fact, the builders have to disclose the floor area i.e., the area which is enclosed within the walls of the apartment while advertising about it.

4.) Promoters need to deposit half of the amount they receive from the home buyers and deposit it in a separate bank account within 15 days from the date of receiving the money. This will give an assurance to the home buyers that they have invested in the right place.

5.) If a builder wants to change plans, specifications and other structural modifications, then the consent of two-third buyers is made mandatory. Otherwise, developers will not be able to make any changes in the project. This will help keep the home buyers in the loop about any changes made during the construction process. And in any cases of default, builders will have to refund the money to the buyers.

6.) If the promoters are unable to complete the project in time, home buyers can claim refund along with interest and compensation.

7.) If a broker wants to sell apartments and plots of a project, then it’s mandatory that they get it registered with the regulator of real estate. And if any rules are violated by the developer, the project will get de-registered. Moreover, the developers will have to bear a penalty of 10% of the project cost for non-compliance and 5 % of the total project cost for wrong information. The amendment in the real estate bill has also restricted payment in cash. This will help curb the flow of black money in property markets. The buyers in turn will get relief from being paid more.

All these modifications in the Real Estate Regulation Bill will help the home buyers a lot. The chance of getting fooled by conniving builders is completely ruled out with the amendment of this bill.

WTC Mohali – Project Situated In The Near By Location Of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is seen as one of the wealthiest towns of India. Its acclaimed base has cheated land budgetary powers reliably. Its standard awesome position amid the ideal opportunity for the home purchasers is its foundation, IT segment and close district of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

In any case, now, the status of realty Chandigarh has further scored up. After its beginning, the time has now come to, where the city has stewed the brightest of all times in the realty stadium. Some astounding progress exercises are being seen by this Union Territory that will soon empower its genuine facelift.
Beginning late, Chandigarh has snatched a massive thoroughly considered the country. It has seen the best single resource property game-plan of the entire nation, Elante strip shopping center blueprint. Professionals have conclusions that the amazing Rs 1785 crore strategy has lit the astoundingly required examinations for a mechanical change of Chandigarh. Mammoth business exchanges like these can't be just skipped through. Hailing on the wings lay by these specific great position bargains, more best in class improvements will understand Chandigarh and it's a prepared condition winning, where the purchasers and budgetary experts can sow their fantasy theories.

It appears like the presentation made by the bosses were perfect the cards. In a to an incredible degree huge move which will fundamentally help the progression of Chandigarh, the all around conspicuous business system World Trade Center Association (WTCA) has induced them yet another business wonder WTCChandigarh Aerocity or World Trade Center Chandigarh in Mohali. WTCA is the general range connection headquartered in New York. It has an extraordinary system in around 330 urban gatherings all around the world and the presentation that Mohali, Chandigarh gets with WTC will be a crest one.

WTC Chandigarh Aerocity will highlight world class office spaces, retail zone, get together passages and social event work environments in its monster one million made soon. The inhabitants of this business attempt will be the bit of the general plan of WTCA. At WTC Chandigarh, your exchange will fly past purposes of control. Chandigarh WTC will be the best business wager for you as it structures the most ultra cutting edge working environments.

Smart people make smart choices by consulting

Buying property is undoubtedly a tiresome task as it calls for ample research and exploration of many details, comparing against each other and making a short list. Once you have the short list you now have the task of zeroing on the perfect Bangalore Property whether it is an Apartment or a Villa. Even in today’s high Tech world where most research is done on the internet, the property reviews are something that is hard to come by. There aren’t that many options. With you will find all the information you need before you decide the right property for you in Bangalore be it residential or commercial. This newly launched Bangalore web portal will assist you in finding the best location, builders, ratings and easy comparison across all your choices.

It’sa one stop place for your property research where information is neatly compiled for you. For example if you are looking for a high end luxury apartment dwelling, one of the suggested apartment is Krishna Brighton which we bet you would not have figured out by yourself as the property is a relatively new development without much advertising behind it as it is meant for a few lucky owners only, so exclusivity means buyers mostly come via referrals. But it is a great find if you are looking for high-end apartments. Homes here come with a private garden for each apartment in all floors, the luxury of Italian Marbles all through the house, wooden flooring in the bedroom, a luxury private theatre, teak wood doors, modular kitchen, automatic car wash system, drivers waiting lounge, maid quarters for each home and many more luxury features. Do visit the review page at Krishna Brighton Review. is not just for luxury properties however. You can find reviews for properties in all price ranges. L&T Raintree Boulevard is another promising opportunity which is in the mid-range for people looking to buy a property in Bangalore somewhere in the 1 crore range. You will be amazed to know that the homes in this named location posses vitrified flooring for the house and with superb master bedroom fully loaded with wooden floorings. As balconies and bathrooms are well fitted with anti skid tiles you and your family are residing at the safe location. L &T Raintree Boulevard understands the needs of store that’s why its kitchen is well packed with a nearest store room and a puja room to take care of your spiritual and religious needs. If all these are your wish list then this could be an excellent place to grab apart from the wonderful ratings of the people residing there.

If you are looking for properties in the south Bangalore area, there are some excellent residing places other than the above mentioned places like Prestige Bagamane Temple Bells, Brigade Panorama and Salarpuria Divinity. Be sure to read about them. The website also features properties in the North Bangalore area which is the hottest investment destination now. When you plan to buy a property in Bangalore researching reviews will ensure you are making the right decision with all the information in hand. Visit and ensure you have all the help you need. Good luck with your house hunting!

Top 5 property destinations in Chennai

Top 5 property destinations in Chennai
Chennai has a huge mix of variety of businesses and hosts the third large expatriate population in India. The continued infrastructure growth and excellent business climate is attracting more and more companies to the Southern city. Chennai has done really well to accommodate this growing number of industries and people. This has resulted in positive real-estate development across the city. Last year, it was also reported that the real-estate developers in Chennai typically offer around 20% internal rate of return for equity investments in residential projects. There are several locations which are ideal for real-estate investments.

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR Road)

One of the quickly growing locations in Chennai, the OMR stretch houses most of the IT parks in the city. This has made this locality the most sought after place for IT professionals. OMR has got easy access to the city through the IT express way. The booming infrastructure and the host of educational institutions, health care facilities and shopping centres have made it hard not to invest here. As all the major builders in Chennai have concentrated on this locality, the buyers looking for a property will have a lot of options to choose from and won’t be disappointed.

Velachery and its nearby areas like Madipakkam and Medavakkam has been a preferred real estate destination for several years. Shollingnallur, Siruseri and Kelambakkam has been the driving force behind this huge demand as Velachery is very close to IT companies. With many villas for sale in Chennai, the presence of several educational institutes, shopping malls and supermarkets have encouraged more people to settle in this area.

Tambaram is one of the oldest localities in Chennai, having become an investment destination over the years as the rental returns are very high. Located on the GST Road, Tambaram is split into Tambaram East and Tambaram West. In Tambaram East, you can find independent villas and houses. Tambaram West has a lot of commercial projects, shopping malls and entertainment avenues. The Tambaram railway station connects this location to all major areas in Chennai.

Oragadam is situated between NH 4 and NH 5 and has good connectivity to Kancheepuram and other districts. The presence of heavy engineering, automobile and IT companies like Renault Nissan, Siemens, Ashok Leyland, Komatsu, Moser Baer and many more has substantially boosted up the place value. This locality has good rental and capital appreciation and numerous flats fo rsale in Chennai.

Located in central Chennai, Porur has become one of the most active localities in Chennai. This has happened largely due to the presence of several IT companies nearby. Porur has a very large market area and has given space to several manufacturing and chemical plants. There are several new projects coming up in Porur from renowned builders. Porur gives easy access to Kundrathur, Poonamallee, Chennai Intercity Bypass and to the Bangalore- Chennai highway.

If you’re looking for a house for sale in Chennai, visit RoofandFloor and search to find more details about the best properties. RoofandFloor has free assistance, quick connect feature and up-to-date listings, making it a one-of-a-kind property discovery portal. With RoofandFloor you can get access to all details about houses, apartments, flats and plots for salein Chennai.

WTC Mohali – Located In the 12th Largest Deposit Center

Chandigarh is the first planned modern city of India designed by the French architect Le Corbusier. Chandigarh & the area adjoining it were constituted as a union territory on 1st of November, 1966. It serves as the joint capital of both, Punjab and Haryana states. It is bounded on the north and west of Punjab & east & south by Haryana. The whole area of the union territory is 114 Square Feet.

Chandigarh has been rated as the “Wealthiest Town” of India. The Reserve Bank of India ranked Chandigarh as the 12th largest deposit Centre & 10th largest credit center nationwide as of June 2012. WTC Mohali is the city's endeavor to break into the global world of businesses & information technology. Chandigarh's infrastructure, nearness to Haryana, Delhi, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh, & the IT talent pool fascinates IT businesses looking for workplace space in the area.

WTC Chandigarh, Aerocity is a new business development being constructed at Mohali in Chandigarh. This development is the consequence of a combined partnership between the World Trade Center Association (WTCA) & the Viridian Red. The office building presents a great variety of business spaces, stores & retail stores to be sufficient the requirements of small, medium & large commercial enterprises. With WTC Chandigarh, WTCA expands a chance for businesses to increase an global platform in the region.

Coming from the developers of WTC Ahmedabad & the likes, the World Trade Centre Association is an internationally applauded realty developer with its headquarters in New York. The organization has stiffer wonderful infrastructure by the signature name of WTC in above more 100 countries across the world & WTC Chandigarh will be one more excellent development, enjoying not just a whole gamut of facilities and amenities but also accruing many benefits from its strategic and advantageous location.

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